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Photo by Greg Neate - Click to visit his myspace page!

Stuart Bell-Drums | Jon Free-Guitar | Meaghan Wilkie-Vocals



Gin Palace is a band from London, England.

It's a 3 piece: lady singer, no bass guitar, no hi-hats.


"The Most Exciting Band In London, and the Grindiest, Meanest Sounding Band In The World Right Now!" - ARTROCKER



"This Is Rock 'n' Roll At It's Basest, It's Most Thrilling And Elemental - The Purest Spirit Of Adrenalised Garage Fury" - KERRANG!


Artrocker 30th Sept '03


"Deranged Slither, Savage And Sin-Sodden, As Willing To Slip a Switchblade 'Tween Your Ribs As Take You Dancing" - CARELESS TALK COSTS LIVES


Photo by Natalie Cook


"Laughing Straight and Hard at the Puny, Impotent Dick of The Cosmos" - PLAN B


Octopad 10th May '03 - Pics by Davin


"Demented Art-School Blues - Thrilling, Compelling, Very Loud And Utterly Unmissable" - NME


Photo by Natalie Cook

"(These) Fabulous Art Rock Types Kick Up An Evil Stink" - What's On, BBC


CTCL 26th April '03- Pic by Davin



CTCL 26th April '03 - Pic by Davin

"It's like Grace Slick fronting The Greatful Dead whilst Froggy and Toadie carry off the Tangerine Seeds one-by-one..." - FINLAY QUAYE

Photo by Natalie Cook

"Abrupt To The Point Of Rudeness" - JOHN PEEL, BBC RADIO 1

Leeds 12th July '03  - pic by Ippi Shake

"Man, This Band Rules! Our Favourite New Band!" - EVERETT TRUE, CARELESS TALK COSTS LIVES

The Gin Palace 04 March '03 - Pic by Percy

"Awesome live act! What a noize! Former Penthouse guitarist Jon Free's new band is as ferocious as you'd expect! ...more feral and wild than Jack White could dream of; Blues rhythms, Link Wray riffs, Stooges punk rock and Cramps style rockabilly leanings make this bunch absolutely Something Else!" - DIRTY WATER CLUB

Photo by Natalie Cook